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Fractures Involving Facial Bones


Fractures of the bones of the face are treated in a manner similar to the fractures in other parts of the body. The specific form of treatment is determined by various factors, which include the location of the fracture, the severity of the fracture, the age, and general health of the patient. When an arm or a leg is fractured, a cast is often applied to stabilize the bone to allow for proper healing. Since a cast cannot be placed on the face, other means have been developed to stabilize facial fractures. 



One of these options involves wiring the jaws together for certain fractures of the upper and/or lower jaw. Certain other types of fractures of the jaw are best treated and stabilized by the surgical placement of small plates and screws at the involved site. This technique of treatment can often allow for healing and deletes the necessity of having the jaws wired together. This technique is called "rigid fixation" of a fracture. The relatively recent development and use of rigid fixation has greatly improved the recovery period for many patients, allowing them to return to normal function more quickly. 


The treatment of facial fractures should be accomplished in a well planned and predictable manner. Most importantly, the patient's facial appearance should be minimally affected. An attempt at accessing the facial bones through the fewest incisions necessary is always made. At the same time, the incisions that become necessary, are designed to be small and, whenever possible, are created in such a manner as to reduce scarring.


Facial fractures reconstructed by trained Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons include the following general areas:


Orbital Floor Fractures (Eye Socket)

Zygomatic Bone Fractures (Cheek Bone)

Maxillary Fractures (Upper Jaw)

Mandible Fractures (Lower Jaw)




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