Oral Pathology


Dr. Matthew Hilmi offers more than your standard oral cancer evaluations. At our Kingston oral and maxillofacial surgery practice, patients receive evaluations for oral lesions, cyst removal and reconstruction, in-office biopsies, and smoking cessation counseling. Dr. Hilmi and his team work closely with primary care physicians and other healthcare professionals to protect their patients’ oral health.


Mid-Hudson Oral and Maxillofacial Practice, PC provides patients a united front for their oral and maxillofacial care. We treat 100 percent of our patients’ dental and medical needs in a safe office and/or hospital setting, allowing us to diagnose issues, plan surgery, and perform services all at one time.


Dr. Matthew Hilmi and his team do everything possible to streamline a patient’s oral and maxillofacial care. They perform thorough oral pathology evaluations to detect cancers, tumors, and lesions that threaten patients’ overall well-being. Our surgeon can extract tissue through brush, incisional, or excisional biopsies in office, and coordinate the next steps with general physicians once the tissue analysis is complete. Dr. Hilmi will complete the recommended surgery or procedure.


Additionally, we take care of the kind of health concerns that are not easily detected. Sometimes, cancerous tissues are discovered by the patient’s general dentist during routine dental care, or while performing wisdom teeth extractions. Many patients find white or red lesions in their mouth and require attention from an oral surgeon directly. Dr. Hilmi will diagnose the problem, schedule follow-up procedures with the local hospital, and do so according to the patient's needs.


Dr. Hilmi makes surgery recommendations based on his extensive experience and explains the issue in an understandable manner. A list of oral health concerns follows:


Erythroplasia: Red patches

Leukoplakia: White patches

Chronic ulcers

Chronic thickening or bumps on the oral mucosa

Dysphagia (difficulty swallowing) or change in phonation (voice quality and production)

Mucosal Lesions: These red or white colored lesions may be painless and will be evaluated by the doctor for either observation or incisional or excisional biopsy in the office setting.


Odontogenic and Mandibular Cysts and Lesions: They may or may not cause discomfort but require immediate treatment. Dr. Hilmi will remove the tissue and perform bone grafting, if necessary. Tissue removal will be performed in an office or hospital setting depending on the extent of the pathology.


Bony Lesions: Affecting the bone, these tissues may require additional examination with MRI and CT scans. After they have been diagnosed, we remove the affected tissue. For patients with widespread lesions, osteotomies may be required.


Contact Dr. Hilmi for Comprehensive Oral Pathology Services in Kingston, NY


We accept referrals and direct patients for oral pathology services. From diagnosis to surgery, Dr. Hilmi and his team serve the needs of patients in Kingston, New Paltz, Rhinebeck and all of Ulster and Dutchess Counties.

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