Stem Cell Technology


Stem cells drive the bodies healing process throughout your life. Stem cells are different from other cells in the body because they regenerate and produce specialized cell types. They assist in the healing process restoring nerves, bones, skin, muscles cartilage, and other tissues when injured.


As a result, amazing new medical treatments are being developed to treat a range of diseases. A few such diseases follow:



Neurologic Injuries/Disease

Heart Disease

Oral Disease

Gastrointestinal disease



Stem cells are found in most tissues of the body, they are few and are similar in microscopic appearance to most other cells. An exciting new discovery is that stem cells exist in teeth. There is an abundance of stem cells in baby teeth, wisdom teeth and permanent teeth. The stem cells contained within teeth can replicate and can be recovered at the time of a tooth extractions. Stem cells from teeth replicate at a faster rate and for a longer period than do stem cells harvested from other tissues of the body.


Dr. Matthew Hilmi can now provide you the opportunity to save these unique cells for future use, in developing medical treatments, for his patients should they develop potentially devastating medical illness.


Stem cells from teeth are easily harvested and have powerful medical benefits in the development of advancing medical treatments. Using one’s own stem cells for medical therapy portends a lower risk of rejection by the body and decreases the need for immunosuppressant drugs.


Stem cells in the human body age over time and their regenerative abilities slow down as we age. The earlier in life that your stem cells are secured, the more viable they will be when they are needed most.


Stem cell Recovery from extracted teeth also has many advantages:


Convenience the recovery of stem cells from teeth can be performed in the oral surgeon’s office anytime when a healthy tooth is being removed. The recovery of stem cells from teeth does not add any additional time on to a planned procedure.


Accessibility: The stem cells contained within teeth are recovered at the time of a planned procedure: Extraction of wisdom teeth, baby teeth or other healthy permanent teeth.


Affordability – when compared with other methods of acquiring and preserving lifesaving stem cells: Peripheral blood, Bone Marrow, Cord blood, recovering Stem Cells from teeth is the most affordable and least invasive.


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