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Richard Coppedge Jr,  July 12, 2021  

Dr.Hilmi fixed my facial,eye and jaw injuries. That was over 20 years ago, when Google reviews and email wasn't a thing, especially for me. I had maxillofacial surgery for over seven hours. His skill set was perfect! Thanks for saving my life!


Joel Shapiro,   July 14,  2021

Dr. Hilmi is the rare combination of technical excellence and complete empathy. I was having my first surgical extraction and it involved two teeth. I had been in a lot of pain and when I explained my situation I was given a quick appointment. Naturally, I was frightened but Dr. Hilmi immediately put me at ease. He is a very kind man. The procedure itself, which was done a few days later,was completely painless and the healing process was quick and surprisingly pain free. I highly recommend him.


Callie Houghtaling,   Jan 22,  2021

"Dr. Hilmi and Jillian are the best! I needed a bone graft and extraction for repairs from a previous bad implant attempt and they made everything so easy from scheduling appointments to having the actual proceudre itself. I was very nervous during the consultation, but Dr.Hilmi immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable with his treatment plan. I've had a few oral surgeries and this is the most comfortable I've felt post-op out of all of them. I would recommend this practice over any others in the area. Thank you both again!"


Frank Ventura,   Nov24, 2020
"I went to Dr. Hilmi for a couple of complicated extrations and, as crazy as this might sound, it was a very pleasant experience. Dr. Hilmi is not only great at what he does, but he is a wonderfully caring person. He and Jillian checked in on me frequently and took the time to answer all my questions before, during and after my procedure. The office is spotless with the latest machines and tech at their disposal. They also kept to the highest standards for safety precautions, which put my mind at ease during this very trying time of COVID. I cannot recommend Dr.Hilmi and his practice enough. Really great."


Carol M.,   Nov16,  2020
"I recently had Dr. Hilmi at Mid-Hudson Oral and Maxillofacial Pracxtice do a coreonectomy on an impacted wisdom tooth and extract 2 molars. Being petrified of dental work, I must say Dr. Hilmi and his assistant Jillian made it a very pleasant experience. They are both very personable, professional and very gentle. I would highly recommend them! 
Thank you Dr. Hilmi and Jillian for taking such good care of me."
Christine Kovacs,   Oct 21, 2020
"Oh my goodness, Dr.Hilmi is amazing! I had to have a wisdom tooth and molar extracted. There was also a cyst around the wisdom tooth that had to be removed and I also needed a bone graft to replace the bone that the cyst had eaten away. I tend to be on the anxious side anyway, but the thought of this surgery was a bit overwhelming to me since the work that needed to be done was close to a nerve and the aortic vein. Dr.Hilmi is so patient and kind, he calmed my fears and surgery was scheudled for last Friday. I was nervous because I have never been to the hospital for anything other than the birth of my daughter, but he has such a calming presence, I was able to get through it. He made himself availble to me for the whole weekend following the surgery and was there for me when I had a reaction to Augmentin. It is five days later and I have no pain and I feel 99% back to myself. Dr.Hilmi and his office manager, Gillian, are both wonderfully warm people. If you need something done, don't hesitate- go here!!"
Eliana Amodio,   Mar 15,  2020
"Not that getting oral surgery is the msot pleasant experience but Dr.Hilmi sure did make it as pleasnt as possible. Dr.Hilmi is an exceptional oral surgeon. He is patient, gentle, and knowledgeable. This was my first procedure with him and should I need dental work in the future I would return. His office is incredibly clean. He is repsonsive and reachable even out of his office hours. Him and his assitant truly care about their patients. I would highly recommend this practice!"

Mikaela Holt,   Jul 27, 2018

“Dr. Matthew Hilmi was very welcoming and reassuring during my wisdom teeth extraction venture. Very calm environment with super-friendly assistance. I was given lots of options and was promptly put into his schedule. Was recommended by my dentist office and am very satisfied with the whole experience.”

Tori Longto,   Jul 27, 2018

“Dr. Hilmi removed all four of my wisdom teeth last week. He was very caring and compassionate, and made sure all of my questions were answered before the surgery! Great experience and I would definitely recommend him to everyone!”

Bridget Smith Bruhn,   Jul 19, 2018

“Dr. Hilmi removed one of my wisdom teeth and performed a coronectomy. He met with my husband and I both to explain the surgery. The surgery was on Friday and Dr. Hilmi met me at the office on Saturday as a follow-up. I am amazed at how his staff handles the insurance and how smoothly his office runs. More importantly how perfect my results were with minimal swelling or pain! Highly recommend only him.”


T I,     Jul 4, 2018

“I have been to a lot of doctors, Dr. Hilmi is BY FAR THE BEST! Gentle, compassionate, and caring! He makes you feel so relaxed and comfortable, and you will actually enjoy your experience! I highly recommend Dr. Hilmi as a surgeon! The staff was very friendly as well!”

Thomas L Osterndorf III

“I am extremely satisfied with these folks and traveled quite a distance for their services; we live in Darien, Connecticut. I had bone grafting of my sinuses several months ago and had several implants placed subsequently. Not only was my case a success but I had no pain and only needed a couple of pills after the grafting. The doctor is a true gentleman and his staff is very respectful and accommodating, even coming in on the weekends to assure me that everything was healing well. I have never seen a more beautiful office in all of my years visiting doctors. The place is also beyond sterile from the waiting area to the operating room. I would strongly recommend Dr. Hilmi and his staff to family and friends, as my dentist did, and have actually done so on several occasions. Thank you.”

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