What Sets Us Apart

Compassionate, Painless Care to Restore Your Oral Health

At Mid-Hudson Oral and Maxillofacial Practice, PC, we care about your overall well-being and quality of life.


When you first meet with Dr. Matthew Hilmi, he will ask many questions and attentively, non-judgmentally listen to your answers. Then, after thorough diagnostics, he will design your individual treatment plan, always with your unique concerns, goals, and long-term wellness in mind. Your care will be timely and painless, to deliver lasting function and health.


Dr. Hilmi and his team members provide ethical, advanced care in a welcoming and safe environment. We want you to feel like a valued member of our family and know we are here to serve and help.



Longevity and Continuity: We have served the community since 1999 and built an unparalleled reputation as a practice that cares about the person, beyond the oral health concerns. Since we are a single-doctor practice, with a close-knit and stable team, you will see the same surgeon and staff at your consultation, treatment, and all follow-up care.

Personalized, Patient-Focused Care: Dr. Hilmi and our staff members are committed to delivering an individualized treatment experience, from your first visit to the last. You will never feel rushed through a procedure or pressured into treatment you do not want or need, and we will take all the time needed to ensure you are fully informed, engaged, and comfortable with treatment.

Availability: Our practice believes it critical to be available and accessible to you, 24/7. In addition to providing around-the-clock emergency care, Dr. Hilmi often sees patients on weekends.

Affability: Each of us is a skilled and experienced professional. We are also warm and personable, and value the connections and friendships that grow with our patient family. Whether you have questions about treatment, related anxiety, or need reassurance and encouragement, we are here for you. We listen without judging and will always offer respectful, honest answers.

Affordability: We believe everyone deserves optimal oral health and are sensitive to each person’s financial situation. Dr. Hilmi will design a treatment approach to address your clinical needs, which works with your budget, and enable you to receive the timely care you deserve.


Please contact Mid-Hudson Oral and Maxillofacial Practice, PC, in Kingston, NY, to schedule a consultation with Dr. Matthew Hilmi. We serve the Tri-State area, including Ulster and Dutchess Counties, and look forward to serving you.

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