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I am extremely satisfied with these folks and traveled quite a distance for their services; we live in Darien, Connecticut. I had bone grafting of my sinuses several months ago and had several implants placed subsequently. Not only was my case a success but I had no pain, only needed a couple of pills after the grafting. The doctor is a true gentleman and his staff is very respectful and accommodating, even coming in on the weekends to assure me that everything was healing well. I have never seen a more beautiful office in all of my years visiting doctors. The place is also beyond sterile from the waiting area to the operating room. I would strongly recommend Dr. Hilmi and his staff to family and friends, as my dentist did, and have actually done so on several occasions. Thank you,

Thomas L Osterndorf III

I was referred to Dr. Hilmi from my dentist for the removal and other work to be done. I went in for the consult and was greeted by hid very friendly staff, who assured me I had come to the right place. I met with Dr. Hilmi I told him I was extremely nervous, he said trust me you will feel no pain. I had an apt. Later that week but the pain was to much so I called and they went out of there way to fit me in. I had NO pain as he promised.


I recommend Dr. Hilmi very highly because of his professionalism, outstanding talent and compassionate manner. He took the time to answer my questions and put me fully at ease so the tooth extraction procedure was painless and stress free. I've never had a more positive oral surgery experience. I was able to put my complete confidence in Dr. Hilmi. He was very generous with his time, scheduled me immediately. The staff is great- very professional. The office is immaculate and state-of-the-art.


I had to see oral surgeon after it was determined that I had a mucocele cyst. The staff are very nice and accomodating to get me in ASAP for the consultation and I was able to get into surgery only a few days later! Dr. Hilmi took every precaution and even saw me the next day on Sat to make sure everything was perfect! PS his office is immaculate and very comforting, nautical theme even with a salt water fish tank! HIGHLY RECOMMEND, Dr. Hilmi is the kindest, most caring and very knowledgeable!!


Our experience with Dr. Hilmi was nothing short of amazing. The kindness and compassion of Dr. Hilmi was amazing and I cannot thank him enough for how wonderful he was to my mother. Dr. Hilmi kept my mom calm during a very stressful time for her. The procedure went smoothly and post surgery was great as well. The office has a calming atmosphere with accommodating and friendly staff. I would recommend Dr. Hilmi to anyone who needs the services or an oral surgeon. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!


Great dentist! I had my wisdom teeth removed and he was awesome


I have been a registered nurse for 43 years. I worked for 5 years in the Oral Surgery Clinic in New York Hospital for a renowned Oral Surgeon as well as attendings and residents. Being a patient needing oral surgery I was concerned knowing what it entails. Dr Himli not only allayed my fears but also his professionalism, his kindness and expertise brings me to this review. I thank him and recommend him to any in need of this fine man. I am very grateful to him


Dr. Hilmi performed two separate surgical procedures on my jaw, one of which was to remove an infected area of bone possibly caused by an inferior bone graft many years ago. His skill and professionalism far surpassed the care I received in New York City. Dr. Hilmi's precise work made it possible for my dentist to beautifully reconstruct my dental work.


I love Dr Hilmi he is compassionate and makes you feel so comfortable he is always available


I was beyond impressed with my experience with Dr. Hilmi. He is extremely intelligent, compassionate and caring, and a truly outstanding surgeon. He spent a considerable amount of time easing my fears and concerns. He cared about me as a patient and as an individual. I had multiple extractions and several implants and actually had no pain afterwards !His talent is incredible! Dr. Hilmi and his staff are all i could have hoped for. I highly recommend him to anyone in need of these services.


NO appointment , In PAIN, got me in right away. He did an x-ray then meet with me to go over my options. We decided I needed it pulled. Me being a big baby to pain he assured me that I wouldn't feel anything. and that was true totally painless! He said be back at 7am the next morning and it will be out with in an hour. first office visit with x-ray and consulting with doctor Hilmi took less then 45 minutes, and then the removal took about 30 minutes. DR Hilmi is AMAZING! GREAT Prices!


I had an accident destroying my two front teeth and I needed implants. I was nervous to have the procedures done being deathly afraid of dentists and doctors but when I came to Dr. Hilmi's office I was instantly comfortable. I went through several visits with the Doctor and he was extremely thorough and gentle. The implants were perfect and my recovery time was extremely smooth. I would highly recommend this doctor for implants or any other oral surgery. Great practice!


I recently had an amazing experience with Dr. Hilmi. I had to have a wisdom tooth extracted and have never had one taken out before. I suffer from TMJD and anxiety so naturally I was a little nervous that it would further irritate my tmj. The procedure took literally 5 minutes and he was so gentle and mindful of keeping my jaw open too long or too wide. The procedure was done quickly, painlessly, and with no irritation to my tmj. I had no pain or swelling aftward either. I will recommend Dr Hilmi to everyone I know.

Karen B.

Mid-Hudson Oral

And Maxillofacial Practice, PC Dr. Matthew Hilmi

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